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Jason Osei, a native Londoner, left the UK to play American Football in Europe before moving to America in 2012. With four conference championships under his belt, twice voted all-conference player and graduating from university with honours, Jason has clearly struck a winning formula.

The secret to his success isn’t particularly secret however. Jason shy’s away from any suggestions of being especially gifted in any particular way that makes his success any less attainable for the average individual.

“From grit to greatness…” a statement Jason proclaimed in a 2017 ad campaign by Texas A&M Commerce University, where his image was featured on Dallas-area billboards, television ads, online and at the local airport.

Success often requires a combination of patience, effort and self-discipline. These are attributes which must be nurtured and developed to create an environment under an optimum outcome is most likely achieved on a consistent basis.

It takes work and hard graft which sometimes goes immediately unrewarded, but serves as a foundation to build upon.

His days as a collegiate American Football player are over, but Jason isn’t slowing down. He is undefeated as an MMA fighter and is currently a championship winning semi-pro tag-team wrestler going under the moniker, ‘The Summit‘.

The summit is an apt metaphor for the journey to success. It’s arduous and uphill all the way, but with every step you take forward, you’re one step closer to your goal. The process shapes you in immeasurably valuable ways; it shows you the weaknesses that hold you back and each new victory serves as motivation to keep moving forward.

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