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There is an ancient story from the Bible about two men, David and Johnathan, who formed a friendship so deep their connection is described as though their souls were knit together. Though their friendships ended tragically with Jonathan being killed in battle, the story of David and Jonathan’s friendship helps makes a case for strong personal and intimate friendships between men.

Most people would agree that verbal and physical expressions of love are not exclusively or even primarily sexual in nature. Friends often embrace, kiss and touch each other in affectionate ways, but do men feel that these expressions of platonic love with their male friends threaten to convey unintended sexual connotations?

Even when there is no threat of these expressions of love being perceived in a sexual capacity, there often remains an awkwardness present as a result of the infrequency of which of these expressions are made, and so we shy away from them even more.

On this episode, Jamie, Donald, Kwame and RJ discuss the case for bromance and we as men can build better quality friendships with each other.

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