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At the age of 5, William Weeks was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and was given just six months to live. Nevertheless, faith, hope and a burning desire to live has seen him not just endure, but thrive. Today William is a much sought after speaker, musician and trainer who uses his gifts to help other overcome life’s giants.

On this episode, William talks about how that diagnosis changed his life, the struggles he endured growing up and his mission to not be limited by his disability.

As a person with a disability, life has taught William how to “bounce back” from calamity and live a life full of purpose. Now William teaches other corporations of all sectors how to overcome their adversities and “bounce back” to the fast track of success!

Currently, William is the Disability, Mental Health Manager for the Eastern Shore Early Childhood Development Center (ESECDC) where he is responsible for the overall design, implementation and evaluation of the disabilities and mental health program for pre-school age children.

You can learn more about William on his website at:

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